QTL is pleased to be able to offer a number of QTL approved coaches to work with you towards achieving your qualification

Coaching is an integral part of QTL’s delivery of NPQH. All QTL NPQH participants identify a coach to:

  • Support your areas of strength and areas for development
  • Help plan your learning priorities
  • Support you in undertaking school based activities
  • Support you in the application of the leadership learning in each of the core and your elective modules.

QTL’s recommended requirement for coaching is that NPQH participants have a minimum of 5 coaching sessions linked to the 3 core and 2 elective modules towards NPQH.

NPQH participants may identify a coach from within their school, partnership or Teaching School Alliance or from their wider professional networks at no cost from QTL.

If you wish to work with one of the QTL coaches there is a charge

Total package costs £480 consisting of

1 60 minute face to face session,

4 45 minute telephone/skype sessions.

Payment to be made directly by the participant to the coach, Payment to be made in 2 stages £200 after the second coaching session, the balance of £280 after completion of the final session.

A signed agreement to be completed by the coach and the participant. Copies to be held by QTL Office, coach and coachee

An evaluation to be completed by the participant at the end of the 5 sessions

Coach to be allocated geographically