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Additional Support Offer for New Headteachers

For Headteachers in their first 2 year of Headship

A highly flexible programme tailored by each Headteacher to suit their individual needs and circumstance.

The programme is designed to build on the NPQH curriculum, enabling new Headteachers to locate their development within the specific context of their new role and new school.


  • practical support to develop an implementation plan for leading school effectiveness planning in the new school,
  • opportunities to develop professional relationships and networks that will support and sustain you in Headship
  • access to coaching and mentoring from experienced Headteachers
  • reflection on areas for personal and professional development

Delivery Model

Peer Networking and School Visits
 – Up to 4 school-based network sessions over an academic year supplemented by online peer discussion

Focused training sessions – Up to 4 topic-based sessions chosen from a range and accessed either fact to face and/or online

Coaching – 2 x 90-minute coaching sessions

Mentoring – Access to a network of experienced Headteachers willing to provide mentoring 1-1  coaching


Fully funded for Headteachers in most schools.

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